2014 Calvins Challenge Results

  1. Calvins Challenge 12 hour
  2. Calvins Challenge 12 hour tandem
  3. Calvins Challenge 12 hour Team
  4. Calvins Challenge 6 Hour
  5. Calvins Century Challenge


Calvin's Challenge 2013

2013 Photos are available from UltraRacePics


The trophys for 2013 Recumbent Class winners are sponsored by Optima CyclesOptima_Logo

Calvin's Challenge 12 Hour Bike Race is held each year on the weekend before Mother's Day, starting at Shawnee High School in Springfield, Ohio. Male and female age classes start at age 10 and increase in 5 year increments, depending on the class. 

Classes including traditional bikes as well as:
• 3 Tandem classes
• Singlespeed/fixed gear
• Recumbents
• High wheelers
• Triples
• Trikes
• 2-person team
• 4-person team
• Ellipticals (check out their Facebook Page)

We hope this will give more people a chance to compete with riders of similar abilities. There are custom designed medals for 1st three places in each class. Printed results and medals will be handed out 30 minutes after the finish. We believe this is the best organized 12 hour event in the U.S. as well as the best marked route of any ride. Both the 50 mile long loop and the 7 mile short loop are flat to rolling on lightly traveled roads. Drafting and aerobars are allowed. Since we encourage new riders to test themselves, we offer a non-racer option on the same route that includes a map and snacks.


Back for 2014!

2 & 4 Person Relay Teams (12 hour race only)

Relay style racing has become quite popular in ultra endurance events. The Race Across America is exploding with relay teams, which is reducing the barriers to entry for many potential competitors.

Relay team racing could be a means to do a final team shakedown prior to racing RAAM,  a means to have an intense competitive experience with your racing team, or a way to introduce your weekend warrior friends to an ultra event in a non-threatening way.

We allow racer exchanges at designated checkpoints only. 
This requires 25 mile shifts for at least the first 100 miles, and 7 mile shifts thereafter.

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