What’s this Calvin’s Challenge thing all about?
It’s a simple concept. Everybody starts riding and then 24, 12 or 6 hours later, the riders with the most miles in each class win a medal.

How will you know how many miles I ride?
You’ll ride a 25 mile loop as many times as you can. Checkpoints will verify your completion of each loop. When there isn’t enough time to complete another 25 mile loop, you’ll switch to a 5 mile loop until time is up.

What about food?
You can bring your own, but we will also have aid stations.

Can I stop and rest during the race?
You can stop as often and as long as you like. The clock, however, keeps running while you’re loafing.

Is Drafting allowed?

Absolutely NO drafting on the 24 hour race! No drafting of vehicles, fun riders or farm animals on any of the races! and absolutely. Drafting will be permitted between registered competitive riders in the 12 & 6 hour races only. 

Can I have my own support during the event?
Yes, however, crew vehicles are not allowed on the course. Your support team can meet you at the checkpoint, which will be at the start/finish location.

Will I need lights?
YES! The roads will be open to traffic, and in case of rain and/or fog you need to bring a tail light or strobe light. Every bicycle needs to have a tail light and 24 hour competitors need a tail light, a front light and reflective tape/material on forks, seat post, cranks, pedals and wheels (4 way point).

Can I register day of race?
NO. In order to keep things running smoothly and be able to start on time, registration should be made online.

What about awards?
Medals will be awarded at a ceremony after the race finishes. Race projected finish time is at 6:00 PM on Saturday May 5th. Medals will be awarded to the top three mileages in male and female age classes (10 year increments).

What’s the No Medal Medal?
As Calvin’s Challenge has grown, and become more competitive, past race organizers felt it was important to recognize everyone that reached a benchmark level in ultra cycling – 200 miles in 12 hours and 400 miles in the 24 hours. So, if you don’t place in the top three of your category, but ride the magical 200 miles in 12 hours and 400 in 24 hours, we’ll award you with a “No Medal Medal”.

What’s the terrain like?
Flat to rolling.

Will there be headwinds?
NO 😉

Are there any other rules?
No cheating, no whining, no drugs, no motors, no abusing the organizers, staff or volunteers.

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